What's New in Quest 0.2.0

Hi Questers,

   Quest version 0.2.0 is now ready for download and I want to walk through what's new in detail.

Castle Battles

  • You can now walk around your worlds with the "Viewer" and upon entering a "Castle" you can attack it and conquer it.
  • A battle system and basic AI has been added for a "hack and slash" style gameplay
  • Barebones castle environment which will be improved on later
  • Once you defeat a castle it will change to "Gold" matching your knight's colors
  • A lot more animations to come but at least for now you can tell if you got a hit or just glanced off their sword

Toast System

  • A toast system has been added to let the user know when something happens
  • The events that trigger this are error, saving a level, taking a screenshot, and when saving settings


  • A rough tooltip system has been added to make use of the control icons easier to understand
  • The editor icons on the top of the "Editor" now display text describing the icon/button

General Updates

  • The "Library" now displays whether you are logged in
  • The "Library" now has a horizontal slider so that you can actually see all your worlds
  • The "Library" now has a counter at the top to display how many maps you have
  • A "Settings" menu is now available from the main menu that allows you to change resolution
  • The "Maximize" and "Minimize" buttons have been removed from the "Editor" and "Viewer" views as they created a lot of problems with visual scaling

  I'll open up a thread in the discussion board to discuss anything you want added or changed! 



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